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  • Alyson Chaney

What is Holistic Wellbeing, and Why it's Important to Your Health as a Mom.

Hey there, supermoms! Let's talk about something that's all about YOU: holistic wellness. 

So, what exactly is holistic wellness?

Well, think of it as your one-stop-shop for feeling amazing inside and out. It's not just about drinking a green smoothie or hitting the gym—it's about treating your mind, body, and spirit as a package deal. Picture a puzzle: each piece represents a different aspect of your health, like your mental well-being, physical fitness, emotional resilience, and even your sense of purpose in life.

Why does this holistic stuff matter, you ask? Because it's a game-changer. See, in our fast-paced world, stress is like the villain in a superhero movie—it's everywhere, wreaking havoc on your health and happiness. And guess what? Your mind and body are totally besties, so when one feels the strain, the other feels it too. That's where holistic wellness swoops in to save the day.

Now, you might think this whole "mom health-work-life balance" thing is just a myth, but hear me out. Studies show that when you bring your whole self to the table—whether it's at work or at home—you're more creative, productive, and heck, even happier. And who doesn't want that?

But wait, there's more! Let's break down what holistic wellness is all about. We're talking mental fitness to keep your brain sharp, physical well-being to keep you bouncing out of bed each morning, emotional resilience for when life throws you a curveball, spiritual connection to give you that warm fuzzy feeling, social bonds to keep you sane, occupational satisfaction to make the 9-to-5 grind a little less grindy, and hey, let's not forget about financial wellness—because let's face it, money matters too.

Physical Wellbeing- Physical health includes energy, flexibility, strength, fitness, sleep, and nutrition. Physical well-being is much more than good health. It is the direct result of lifestyle choices and our behaviors around sleep, diet, physical activity, hygiene, and relaxation that achieve or derail optimal functioning. Physical well-being is sometimes thought of as being free from illness. However, simply “not being sick” doesn’t really make for much quality of life. On the other hand, some individuals live with chronic disease who feel vital and well.

Emotional Wellbeing- Being emotionally healthy impacts your relationship with yourself and others. Emotional wellness determines how you interpret stressful situations and your ability to regulate emotions. It also improves your ability to ask for help and sit with uncomfortable emotions.

A health mom living a healthy lifestyle with her child

Mental Wellbeing- Mental wellbeing — and mental fitness — is crucial to overall health. Mental fitness allows us to communicate with others, think critically, and make decisions with ease. A healthy mind is able to learn and grow, and can stay present in the moment. Poor mental fitness is associated with reduced resilience and resistance to stress.

Financial Wellbeing- A 2020 survey found that financial stress was associated with lower productivity, morale, and increased stress. People with poor financial health feel that they lack control over their income and expenses. They worry about their ability to handle emergencies and have lower self-esteem.

Spiritual Wellbeing- Spiritual wellness refers to your connection to something larger than yourself. People who are spiritually healthy are able to find purpose and meaning in life. They feel more motivated, are more resilient, and have a sense of their place in the world. Those with poor spiritual health tend to experience existential crises.

Lifestyle Wellbeing- Career Wellbeing-We spend a significant portion of our lives at work, so it stands to reason that how we feel when we’re there impacts the rest of our lives.

Social and Relationship Well-being is driven by a sense of belonging. Participating in organizations, spending time with friends and family, and feeling connected to others are all part of social wellness.

Environmental Well-being can be your home by creating a living space that promotes harmony with nature and supports your overall health and happiness.

So, how do you actually achieve this whole holistic wellness thing? Well, it's all about finding what works for you. Maybe it's taking a breather throughout the day, chatting with a wellness coach to get some clarity, hitting the gym with a friend for some double trouble, or simply nurturing those relationships that light you up inside. And hey, don't knock it till you try it—whether it's yoga, meditation, or even dancing around your living room like nobody's watching.

At the end of the day, holistic wellness isn't just about chanting mantras or hugging trees (though, hey, if that's your jam, go for it!). It's about embracing all the beautiful, messy, wonderful parts of being human—and taking care of them like the precious gems they are. So, here's to living our best lives, one holistic step at a time!

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