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  • Alyson Chaney

5 reasons you're not taking care of yourself when you have kids.

You may nod in agreement when you hear things like “you cannot pour from an empty cup” or “put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others” Deep down you know it's true.

1. NOT ENOUGH TIME- the number 1 reason I hear from moms and I get it! You work from home (maybe), you wipe butts and noses simultaneously., clean the house, help with schoolwork, cook dinner, laundry. Rinse. Repeat... Every damn day. What if you folded laundry while listening to your favorite true-crime podcast, or you cooked while dancing to your favorite jams?

2. YOU FEEL GUILTY- When you’re a working mom and you have so many chores on top of the hours that you put in at your other job, there is this nagging feeling that any time that you have spare time outside of your to-do list, should be spent with your little one. What if you didn't look at it like an all or nothing like a full day at the spa, but instead you took 5 minutes when they napped to paint your nails or put on some spa music while you showered. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just make the "me time" count.

3. IT'S TOO HARD TO FIND CHILDCARE- or it's too damn expensive. Two ways you can go about this one...

1. get creative- swap child-free days with another momma or a family member or

2. rethink self-care options, opt for short at-home options.

4. I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO AROUND THE HOUSE- umm true, but you know the dishes will still be there when you get back, so why not make them wait.

5. I'M TOO EXHAUSTED- it can be hard to get started when you’re tired, exhausted, and run-down. So start small. Maybe taking care of yourself is having a smoothie for breakfast, or walking for 10 minutes. Cause if you didn't know it already, eating a healthy diet and movement will actually give you energy!!!

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