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I'm so happy you're here. Before we begin:

 Choosing to work with a Coach is a big decision. If you're here and looking for support with your family transition, I know it's not a decision you are making lightly. Knowing where to put your resources of time, energy and money can feel like a big risk. I want to help you make the best decision you can for you and your family. I have carefully designed pathways of support for women at all stages of family breakdown, taking into account how much time, energy and financial resource you may have available to you. 

If you aren't sure what you can afford to invest, or how you can make the most of the options available here please do book a call with me to talk it through with me HERE


Our first call is always free, we will use the time to get clear on what your needs are and what your goals are going forward. I am committed to you making progress in the best way for you, I will never charge you for taking the time to work out what you need. 

Working with me will take you on a journey of self-discovery that allows you to meet yourself with compassion no matter how messy things may be right now. You will learn how to establish healthy boundaries and discover how to take radical responsibility for the next chapter of your life. It's a privilege to walk with you as you journey towards this inner freedom, as well as outer calm. 


We all need to know someone is in our corner right now, my commitment to you is to be 100% here in yours. 

Family breakdown knocks the shit out of even the most together parent, and it can take a long time to pick yourself up and dust yourself down once the painful (but purposeful) work of separation is done.

  • If you're ready to feel like a powerful, connected, and competent parent again

  • If you want to define yourself by the relationships you have today, not the ones you've left behind

  • If you're fed up with your resources being split a hundred ways that do not serve you and your kids 

  • If you look into the future and can see no further than completing your divorce or separation, and want to vision a life that makes your heart come alive 

  • If you know that you and your kids deserve the best of you, not the rest of you left over from the stresses and pressures of daily life

Then this program is for you.

(very important mom)
Holistic Wellness Coaching

Hey! I'm Alyson

Qualified and experienced Holistic Wellness Coach for women who parent alone. Women just like you, and just like me. I’ve been coaching women who parent alone for eight years.  As I started down this path of a healthy lifestyle, I got frustrated. Something always came up during the time I had set aside for the gym, I couldn’t afford to buy grass-fed beef or healthy snacks with a high price tag. I got so overwhelmed and most days I just gave up. I was frustrated. I was confused about what to do and, even worse, I felt like I was a bad example to my kiddo. 

  • I needed to figure out what was slowing me down from having the healthy lifestyle that I wanted for my family and how to make it work in our crazy life. So I started down a path of self discovery.

  • I was able to get crystal clear on what to prioritize when it came to healthy food choices and how to afford them.

  • I was able to shift my thinking. Instead of saying "I don’t have time for myself," it was "How can I make the time?" and I worked to make that time a normal part of my daily routine.

  • I now feel strong, in control, living with integrity, and a good example to my son..

  • I learned that the state of your body is the state of your life. And if your body feels out of control, your life will feel out of control. Taking ownership of your body is taking ownership of your life.


This Unique Program Includes:

  • One-on-one private coaching. Whatever your health and diet concerns are, I help you find which food and lifestyle choices work best for you. It’s a process of education, finding what resonates with you, testing different approaches and observing how your body responds.

  • Exploring your bio-individuality. We’ll talk about various aspects that make you “you” – your  personality, food preferences, etc. and how those affect your wellness.

  • Education on various nutritional philosophies. We’ll talk about different nutritional philosophies and determine which one(s) make the most sense for you, based on your bio-individuality. I do not prescribe diets or create rigid rules.

  • Recipes, articles, book recommendations, and handouts to enhance your learning, understanding and enjoyment of the process as we progress.

  • A pace that supports success. For best, and lasting results I recommend coaching for at least 6 months to gain the full benefits of the changes you’re making, not overwhelm you, and move at a pace that ensures your success. Each weekly session will last about 30 minutes.

  • Support between sessions. Phone and email support between sessions is critical to keeping your experience positive and moving forward. You’re welcome to call or email with questions between sessions so that you never feel stuck or stalled.

“ You don't need to change the world, you need to change yourself” 


-Don Miguel Ruiz

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